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Culturally relevant, standards-aligned, and engaging curricula that only requires 30 minutes of weekly use to be effective.

Get Media L.I.T. In Action

Get Media LIT's high-impact lesson plans foster greater self-awareness, social responsibility, and agency while strengthening readership and vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes of use every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Teachers can guide their students through our curated lesson playlists, or mix and match lessons to create unique playlists for a tailored classroom experience.

The app contains a library of comics featuring The Uncommons in vignettes of their everyday lives as superheroes, faced with decisions ranging from the mundane to the world-altering.

Each comic is part of a lesson comprised of questions and classroom activities that students can complete as a class, in small groups, or individually. Each lesson has been designed by educators to meet different Common Core Standards as well as CASEL objectives.

Each lesson falls under one of three categories: Learn, Inquire, and Transform. “Learn” lessons introduce students to a new concept or idea. “Inquire” lessons engage students in critical thinking or analysis. Finally, “Transform” lessons prompt students to apply their knowledge in the classroom and beyond.





Model healthy emotional expression.

Raise reading levels and enhance vocabulary.

Develop social media savvy.


Explore how social media affects emotional wellness.

Analyze media's impact on popular beliefs.

Use critical thinking to detect falsehoods online.


Equip students with tools for

Encourage agency with media creation.

Empower students to harness social media for civic engagement.

Get Media L.I.T. At Every Level


  • A constantly expanding library of standards aligned comics and lessons

  • 10-minute modules make implementation seamless

  • Custom playlists let you design unique experiences for your class


  • Raises literacy rates and test scores

  • Satisfes requirements for Common Core, CTAE, PBIS, CASEL, and CCRPI

  • Success Indicators to measure student performance


  • Dedicated Professional Development Support and Training

  • Custom LMS Integration

  • Challenges and contests that connect classrooms district wide